Dear RVMAP Licenced Business,

It has been identified that some RVMAP licenced businesses are not meeting their obligations under their executed RVMAP Licence Agreement in relation to the affixing of RVMAP Badges to their product.

Under Section 5 “Obligations of Licensee” of the RVMAP Licence Agreement (as signed by all RVMAP Licenced Businesses) it states that – During the term of this Agreement, the Licensee must comply with:   

  1. the Compliance Standards;
  2. the Code; and
  3. the RVMAP.

Based on this RVMAP Licenced Businesses must comply with the RVMAP Code which states:

2.0 Rules and Regulations

RVMAP licenced businesses must comply with the requirements outlined in this document, and must also:

  • Attach an RVMAP Accreditation Badge to every product manufactured during any RVMAP licence period held by the manufacturer/importer.

The above relates to ALL product imported/manufactured by an RVMAP Licenced Business including on:

  • Dealer stock;
  • Customer order stock; and
  • Product manufactured for another brand or business (third party).

A number of default notices have been issued in recent weeks by our CEO regarding this to RVMAP businesses, and in the event that a satisfactory response (and a commitment to adhere to the RVMAP Licence including the affixing of badges) is not received, these businesses will have their RVMAP Licence terminated.

The RVMAP badge provides the consumer with a visible sign that the product they are purchasing has been manufactured by a business which is committed to ADR compliance, which receives the very best in ADR and technical assistance and has their RV product and processes regularly checked and inspected. 

It is not surprising therefore that:

  • Those businesses outside of RVMAP (based on over 4,200 inspections) have on average 3 times more ADR compliance concerns identified than RVMAP businesses; and
  • Of those businesses whose product we inspected in 2022, NO RVMAP businesses appeared in the 50 worst ADR compliance offenders within the industry (the worst coming in at 52nd).

Based on a survey of 2,500 people, 67% of consumers in the market for purchasing an RV product recognise the badge with 60% of these indicating that the RVMAP badge has some positive factor in the RV product that they are purchasing.

In 2023 consumers will also see increased visibility around the badge with the introduction of Salespersons Accreditation which will see industry salespersons display a distinctive “key” on a badge , such key which is shared by RVMAP product.  This will mean that consumers will now be able to recognise those businesses with an extended commitment through accreditation via RVMAP, supplier accreditation, dealer accreditation, Servicesafe (repairer accreditation) and caravan park accreditation, as well as salespersons selling RV product. 

Please note importantly the requirement to affix RVMAP badges by the manufacturer differs slightly on who carries the legal responsibility under the Vehicle Type Approval system under the new Road Vehicle Standards Act (RVSA) for those with contract manufacturing arrangements.

Any questions in relation to this can be emailed to

Kind regards

RVMAP Technical and Compliance Team
Caravan Industry Association of Australia Ltd