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Your Digital Path

The ‘Digital Garage’ initiative is designed to support caravan and camping businesses in their digital journey.


How to use GSC to see what your website is ranking

Navigating the complexities of search engine optimisation

Week 31

Google Branding Benefits

Why You Should Run a Brand Campaign on Google Ads

Week 30

The Power of YouTube & Google Video Campaigns

Using video content in your marketing strategy is like finding a key to unlock new levels of business growth.

Week 29

6 Reasons Why You Should Start A/B Testing Paid Social Ads

Paid social advertising is great because of its accessibility and low barriers to entry.

Week 28

Top Searched Caravan Brands in Australia

Did your brand makes the list?

Week 27

The Importance of Writing Style

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, effective communication has an outsized role

Week 26

Leads type & path to conversion

In the sales and marketing domain, leads are often categorised based on their readiness to purchase

Week 25

SEO, a guide to ensuring you content is winning

Search engine optimisation is one of the cornerstones of digital marketing

Week 24

How to Use ChatGPT

One of the truths of the auto industry is that people buy stories, and they pay extra for good stories.

Week 23

Planning a new website launch?

Building and launching a new website is a big commitment of time and capital.

Week 22

Facebook Leads: On-Platform vs On-Site Leads

Growing and maintaining a healthy business is the goal of any business owner.

Week 21

Fraud in the Google Display Network

In the dynamic world of digital advertising, Google Ads campaigns stand as a pillar of many marketing strategies.

Week 20

The Power of Live Chat

Live chat is a powerful tool for generating additional leads from your website.

Week 19

The Value of Links

Week 18

Are you using User Generated content to sell Caravans?

Week 17

Social Media Statistics Australia 2023

Week 16

Facebook Advertising

Paid v Organic - what is the winning formula ?

Week 15

A market in decline, what to do?

The rising cost of living and increased interest rates are now steering the market towards a drop

Week 14

Are you being left behind by your competitors?

36% of RVMAP Members Still Haven’t Installed GA4.

Week 13

Fraudulent Websites

With the boom in caravan sales, we have seen a growth in our industry being targeted by fraudsters.

Week 1a

Google Ads

Do you know who your competitors are?

Week 1b

Google Business Profile

Are you missing local searches for your business?

Week 2a

Google Reviews for Caravan Parks

Let your guests do the talking!

Week 2b

Google Reviews for Dealers

Let your customers do the talking!

Week 2c

Spy on your competitors

See all your competitor's Facebook ad campaigns

Week 3

Lead Management - Dealers

Best Practice

Week 4

Digital Marketing Agencies

How to choose & the best questions to ask

Week 5

Are You Missing Out On FREE Local Advertising?

Use these templates to get your message seen.

Week 6

Google Search Console

Most brands are not using this free tool!

Week 7

Have you set up GA4 yet?

On July 1, UA will stop recording data.

Week 8

Do you use Facebook?

How to Get the Best Results From Facebook Posts

Week 9

Understand your market better with every search

Discover how often people search for your brand, competitors, or products you sell.

Week 10

There Is less than 1 Month Until Universal Analytics Goes Offline – Have You Installed GA4?

On July 1, 2023, Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) platform will no longer exist

Week 11

SEO for YouTube

Are you harnessing the true power of video

Week 12