New Gas Labels Checklist Template

Dear RVMAP licensed business,

Developed by Caravan Industry Association of Australia’s Technical Team, the Gas Labels Checklist Template aims to assist RVMAP licensed businesses in meeting the label requirements of Australian Standard AS 5601.2.  By using this checklist, businesses can eliminate the risk of errors or oversights and can maintain consistency in meeting the requirements. 

This template is designed to be customised to represent the particular arrangements/designs of your product range. It is intended for use on the factory floor, as part of the everyday vehicle quality inspections.  This is a benefit of being an RVMAP licensed businesses.

Before using the template, users MUST read and understand the instructions provided. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure all information are appropriate and relevant to their recreational vehicles.

For Further Information

If further guidance is required regarding the use of these documents, please contact